Looking For High Quality Serbian Or Croatian Translation?

Let me help you with what the unspecialized agencies cannot…

High quality, accuracy-guaranteed translations to/from Serbian, Croatian & Montenegrin languages from English, German or Dutch
Professional project management, friendly one-to-one service
No outsourcing or middlemen, ever – I’ll personally handle all your translation requests
When you or your organisation need expert translation involving
Serbian, Croatian or Montenegrin languages, I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Stanislava Blagojević,

I’m an experienced translator specialising in high quality, accurate translations for a range of clients across business, legal & medical services, and EU issues.

I have over 15 years’ experience as an interpreter and translator both privately and in-house for various business, medical, government agency and legal clients – including projects with Sony, Toyota, Bank of New York and the European Union.

These days I work directly with all my clients, with no need for outsourcing or agencies – so you’ll always get 100% of my personal attention and expertise on your translation project.

Because in this industry, that can be the difference between success and disaster…

What the unspecialized translation agencies won’t tell you

My clients rely on me personally to deliver a high quality, professional and hassle-free experience that translation agencies and online portals can’t provide.

Sadly, my experience in the industry exposed me to how even otherwise credible agencies can leave Serbian and Croatian translation clients high and dry with poor results – and can even create more problems than they solve…

This is because the majority of agencies don’t have in-house Serbian or Croatian translators. Instead, if they accept your job, their approach is usually to find a freelancer, asap – and outsource your translation to them.

But this process has
various problems:

  • The hiring process reduces the time they have to work on your translation, resulting in rushed work and crucial errors
  • When nobody in the agency speaks the target language, they can’t assess the quality of the translation you’re paying for
  • Without the time or language skills to properly filter candidates, they often hire freelancers who work quickly and cheaply rather than accurately, so the agency can keep a higher margin
Unfortunately, online translation portals are not a good alternative because they are full of people who may speak Serbian or Croatian but who have no qualifications or experience as translators, and are just exploiting this system to make a quick buck.

The result:

Clients needing high quality translations often find themselves paying for unverified and inexperienced contractors, rather than the experts they thought they were getting.

But when accuracy and nuance is so important, beginner errors, misinterpretations, missed deadlines and poor communication can ruin your project – and you may end up paying twice to have work re-done to the right standard.

Why it pays to work directly
with an expert translator

If your project relies on the accurate translation of documents, contracts, regulations, product descriptions or correspondence, you can’t risk putting your business in the hands of an unqualified outsource.

Your organisation’s confidentiality, credibility and success are at stake. That’s a responsibility I take seriously, and which my clients regularly entrust me with…

Can an unseen, unaccountable vendor hired by an online agency or middleman say the same?

AccurateHigh QualityFriendlyService

For 100% accurate translations, a high level of professionalism and a ‘right first time’ process, an experienced native-language specialist who understands the cultural differences and subtle nuances of your target language is essential.

“That’s where I come in…”

Because I work with a limited number of clients and specialise in Serbian, Croatian & Montenegrin translations for business, medical & legal services and EU affairs, I’m able to deliver a high quality, personalised service – with guaranteed results every time.

When you work with me you’ll benefit from an expert translator’s attention to detail, a project manager’s dedication to your unique goals, and a business professional’s prompt & courteous communication at all times…

And because I handle each of these roles personally, you’ll always know your project is in safe hands.

As your translation partner you’ll work exclusively with me at every step: from first contact and evaluation, through all communications to review & delivery of finished translations.

Here’s my personal guarantee
to you:

  • As a valued client, I’ll handle all requested translations personally – unlike translation agencies and portals, I don’t rely on outside help or cheap outsourcing that can compromise quality and negatively impact your project
  • I guarantee to deliver the most accurate translations each time we work together – my ‘inner perfectionist’ demands that I can’t rest until every word, sentence and sub-clause is interpreted correctly!

Who I work with

As a specialist in Serbian, Croatian & Montenegrin translation I’m able to help clients in various industries with all sorts of challenging projects.

From product companies looking to expand into lucrative new regions, to trademark and design work for businesses and marketers…

And from trial documents and employment policies to European Commission legislation, I’ve delivered critically important translations for countless happy clients.

Get a quote or contact me

I have a 100% satisfaction rate with my clients, who trust me to deliver each translation with complete accuracy. So if your project’s success relies on high quality translations to / from Serbian, Croatian or Montenegrin, get in touch using the form below or contact me via stanislava@growthtranslations.com or call me at +34637610707.

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